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I'm a public health professional that matches public health with technology to improve the health of all.

This site started in October 2014 with the mission to share information as an on the ground implementer in Nepal. I worked for two and a half years on a project in Nepal, with one year focused on implementing CommCare and OpenMRS. During this time, I faced a number of challenges that I’ve overcome in my professional and personal life. I’ve been fortunate to build upon these experiences and continue to work in the healthcare field, focusing on planning, developing and implementing systems at the site, district and national levels.

After Nepal, I worked on the MOTECH platform as the lead technical project manager. MOTECH is a platform that focuses on integrating popular open source health systems. During my time as the lead TPM, we focused on creating user configurable connections between Bahmni, CommCare, DHIS2, KoboToolbox,, OpenDataKit, OpenMRS and RapidPro. I also learned a great deal about integrating the point of service with OpenHIE through standardized communication protocols (HL7, IHE, FHIR).

I’m currently working at I-TECH as a senior technical advisor, focusing on upgrading information systems, implementing health information exchange and mobile technologies in partnership with our country programs.

These experiences have required research, discovery and reflection. I realize that others may benefit from the things I learn to reduce the barriers to entry when working in the health field. I hope to provide you, the reader, with practical knowledge and guidance to support your endeavers.

Last Updated: 8 Jan 2017