Barriers to Entry - The idea for a web log

There are a number of obstacles or hurdles that we must overcome to achieve our goals. I’ve been fortunate to identify and work through a number of them as a professional, learner and parent. To obtain every goal requires a new set of experiences and skills. Fortunately, connectivity has allows individuals to share their experiences with a broad audience. The way I see it, there is a pulse, or group of people with experience in every topic known to man. The present challenge is finding the pulse on a specific topic of interest. There are books, journals and a number of other media, but I feel the blogging platform offers the most cutting edge innovation with the capability to present complex topics in a communal environment. Now I’m adding my contribution to the space.

I’m working in Nepal with Information Technology having education in Public Health and Economics. I faced a number of challenges that I’ve overcome in my professional and personal life while here. Much research, discovery and reflection has occurred with each new event and I realize that others may benefit from the things I learn to reduce their barriers to entry. I hope to provide you, the reader, with practical knowledge and guidance to achieve specific outcomes in your professional or personal life.

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