Experiences with Implementing Technologies and an Overview of Systems Integration

Watch a video presentation to public health students sharing my experiences with implementing public health technologies as well as an overview of public health systems integrations. Read more ›

An Evolution of Digital Health Projects

This article describes common themes when organizations implement digital health projects. Read more ›

When the Signal Fades

The phones were out again. No voice. The only thing that could get through were SMS and queued outbound emails when a mobile data connection happened to grace us with its presence. “Do you have a signal?” we asked each other every 10 minutes... Read more ›

Use Case - Device Agnostic Offline Data Collection to Google Spreadsheets

A reader reached out to me last month with an interesting use case requesting the best system(s) to use. I thought I would share it here to show the capability of these systems. Read more ›

An Implementer's Notes

An implementer's task is to assess a situation, match technology and stand up a robust information system that sustainably meets the needs of an organization and their clients. Over the past decade, I have implemented small-scale projects at small businesses, NGOs and the government. Each of these positions have... Read more ›